Outsourcing of accounting

Innovo’s bookkeepers and accountants will partner with you to manage your books and deliver accurate, timely business financials to help you succeed.

Bookkeeping cleanup

Feeling behind? We’ll get you up to speed. Books you can be proud of.

Not sure about the health of your financials? This is a good place to start. We get it. You’ve been growing your business and keeping your books organized wasn’t at the top of your to-do list. We’ve seen it all and are ready to help you get tax ready and organized to grow.  From updating your invoices to making sense of incomplete data, our one goal is to get you ready for financial success.

Hand over your books and we’ll put your company back on track. It’s really that easy with Innovo.

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Get you up to speed

Get your statements, invoices, and cash flow accurate and up to speed. We’ll start as far back as needed to get it right.

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Next steps

After we get everything in order, we’ll assess what you need and what your next steps should be. Honest and unbiased recommendations for moving your business forward.

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No Commitments

This is a one-time service, with no commitment to continue. We’ll get you organized so that you can get back to building your business.

Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping you can rely on. We are dedicated and professional.

You want to make better decisions. We want to arm you with the data you need to get there. At Innovo, our dedicated bookkeepers will deliver financial reports and books that are always accurate, up-to-date, and tax-ready. We’ll manage your daily transactions, deliver accurate financial statements and reconcile accounts on a guaranteed schedule, with the option of monthly or quarterly accounting services.

Your dedicated accountant will provide whatever level of service and support you need, and will provide timely advice and feedback in conjunction with meaningful reports. You’ll get whatever you need for a flat monthly fee, and we can change up our responsibilities and fee when you need us to.

Our dedicated bookkeepers can automate and outsource any of the following and much more:

• Account reconciliation

• Bill processing and payments

• Receipt and expense report reconciliations

• Payroll processing and compliance

• Customer invoicing and recurring billing

• Reconciling QuickBooks to outside systems and integrations - like POS, merchant services, online sales channels, project management software.

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What are the benefits of streamlining your accounting with Innovo?

•  Better communication and visibility with your accountant and your entire team

•  More time to do what matters to you and your customers

•  Understand what is happening in your business when it’s happening, not after:

    What bills are coming due?

    Who owes you money?

    Where and what are your staff doing?

    Are you charging enough for your product or service?

    How much money did you (or your staff) spend on ‘that’ last week, not last year?

    Hows that project or product coming along?

•  Spend less time looking at the past, and more time predicting the future

•  Get tax planning and advice throughout the whole year with reliable, up-to-date numbers

•  With Innovo Cloud, we can collaborate with you and your team

•  You get more than numbers, you get advice and support to help grow your business.

Company controller services

Take your business to the next level. Automation only goes so far.

Let us take your books to the next level and bridge the gap between reporting and vital insight. With a dedicated controller, we’ll make sure you’re ready for investors, scaling up, and everything in between.  Your controller is flexible to meet as much or as little as necessary, with no minimum requirement. It’s just one more way we’re making it easier for you to get back to business.

More than delivering accurate monthly reports, an Innovo controller is an expert in accounting functions and acts as a watchdog for your finances, challenging your processes to be more efficient and in-tune with the core business.

At Innovo, our company controllers go even further to be the best financial analysts and strategy drivers in your business. They’ll be your essential partners, helping you guide your company towards the best outcome.

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What can you expect from your company controller?

 •  Accrual accounting

 •  Budgeting and audit support

 •  Complex financial reporting

 •  Accounting system migrations

 •  Implementation of financial processes

 •  GAAP-based and IFRS- based accounting

 •  Data interpretation and recommendations

 •  Oversight of internal staff accountants

 •  Interface with your tax advisor

 •  Interface with your external auditor