Audit services

We offer a tailored made audit approach, which is achieved through regularly scheduled meetings, early planning and knowledge of your business operations and processes.

Audit services

At Innovo, we regard the audit as an opportunity for clients to learn more about their business.

Our audit services are focused to provide you, any investor or any financer with a reasonable amount of assurance that the financial statements are presented accurately in accordance with the accounting standards of your choice.

Our team of professionals aim and reach for superior, measurable standards of quality with every assurance and assurance related service we provide based on the principles of Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, Professional Competence & Due care, Confidentiality and Professional Behavior in every engagement.

We conduct a full scope audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). This process consists of various phases: planning and risk analysis, interim-audit, final audit and a discussion and reporting of findings.

Our assurance services not only provide credibility, but also enhance your financial reporting with the personal attention and business advice we provide to each of our clients. At Innovo, we regard the audit as an opportunity for clients to learn more about their business, which is essential in the communication with investors, partners, banks and other stakeholders.

During our audit procedures we will not only assess the set-up of your system of internal control and administrative organization, we will also test if the set-up actually exists and works in accordance with its purposes. Through test of controls and more substantive audit procedures we will form an opinion of the financial information presented in the financial statements.

As a natural output of our audit services we will also provide you with a management letter detailing identified improvements to your company’s system of administrative organization and internal control. By utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from a vast number of audits in merely all sectors of our economy, we are able to implement well-organized and efficient audits which focus on the critical business areas. Along the way, we will provide numerous clients with advice on making internal controls and management more efficient in the form of the so called “Management Letter”.

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We are able to handle the audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with:

• Local generally accepted accounting principles;

• Generally accepted accounting principles in the Netherlands;

• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

• Generally accepted accounting principles in the United States of America (US GAAP).