Assistance with tax audits

At Innovo, our tax advisors know better than anyone what your rights and duties are, and they can provide the necessary assistance during tax audits.

Assitance with tax audits

Innovo can provide the necessary assistance, enabling you to focus on your business.

At any given moment the possibility exists, or rather the risk, that your enterprise will receive an announcement that the tax authorities wish to conduct an audit. Your company’s accounts and records might be scrutinized by one or more auditors. Many of these audits ultimately result in new or additional assessments. The tax authorities only seldom give the taxpayer the benefit of the doubt while at the same time imposing penalties.

We will consider what defense you might put forward against adjustments proposed in the audit report and will ensure that no unwarranted penalties are imposed. We can also work with third party accountants to make sure that your accounts and records are organized correctly and so help you ensure that they cannot be rejected by the tax authorities.

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