Mergers and acquisitions

Every deal is different and the path to success is, by definition, always unique.

Mergers and acquisitions

Innovo can help you move forward with confidence through every step of the M&A lifecycle, from strategy and due diligence to integration or divestiture.

If you are planning an acquisition or merger and you want to make sure that the information disclosed during the information and negotiation phase were accurate, our due diligence work might be of assistance to you.

In close cooperation with our tax advisors, we can perform a (vendor or buyer) due diligence procedure in which it is determined if the financials of your company or from the company that is being acquired are accurate and complete. A vendor due diligence might protect you from discovery of errors in your financials by a potential purchaser, which might lower the price. A buyer due diligence might protect you from buying a company of which the financial information received is not completely accurate or complete.

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